Aged Brie Wonton
with pineapple Chutney

Parmesan Basket
filled with chevre cheese mousse

Grilled Polenta Bruschetta
with olive tapenade & chevre mousse

Brie Wonton
with port wine dipping sauce

Grilled Polenta
with tomato confit & gorgonzola

Sweet Potato Pancakes
with mango lime creme fraiche

Brie Bundles
with mango & raspberry

Asparagus, Roasted Red Risotto Cakes
with lemon aioli

Crispy Oatmeal Biscuits
with bleu apple pate

Fire roasted Tomato & Chevre Filo Tart

Roasted Tomato Salsa
with asiago tuiles

Tart Cherry and Brie Filo Purse

Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella

Proscuitto Wrapped Pineapple
with balsamic glaze shortbread

Stilton Shortbread
with peach jam

Parmesan Nests
with sun dried caesar salad

Parmesan Nest
with broccocini, basil & tomato

Smoked Corn & Chevre Wonton
with chipolte chili

Grilled Vegetable Skewers
with roasted red sauce

Avocado Egg Roll
with cashew dipping sauce


Louisiana Fried Chicken Bites
with spicy herb aioli

Fried Coconut Chicken Bonbon
served with citrus salsa

Tequila Wings
with orange & ancho glaze

Poblano & Chicken Quesadilla
with lime creme sauce

Lime Chicken Skewer
with cool avocado dip

Tuscan Rosemary Chicken & Artichoke Skewer

Spicy Plantain & Chicken Sate

Pecan Dusted Chicken
with apricot mustard sauce

Asian Chicken Bon Bon
served on sugar cane stick with honey lime dipping sauce

Macadamia Nut Encrusted Chicken Skewers
with spicy mango sauce

Thai Chicken Quesadilla
with monterey jack cheese & mango salsa

Mini Chicken Fajitas
with cilantro cream


Grilled Polenta Round
with bbq pulled pork

Honey Steak Skewer
with peach coulis

Cucumber Cups
with thai beef salad

Pistachio encrusted Lamb Chop
with tzatziki

Beef Rolls
with julienne vegetables & wasabi

Lemongrass Scented Beef Summer Rolls

Beef Sate
with bourbon & molasses marinade

Grilled Lamb Chops
with mint infused mustard glaze

Spiced Grilled Steak Skewers
with peach bourbon sauce

Prosciutto Wrapped Pineapple
with balsamic glaze

Tenderloin & Artichoke Basil on Rosemary Crostini


Grilled Shrimp & Pineapple Skewers
with lime cilantro marinade

Salmon & Scallop
with sweet peppers on lemon grass skewer served with lemon-wine sauce

Black & White Sesame Salmon Squares

Tuna Tartar on Lotus Root Chip

Grilled “fork skewered” Shrimp
with spicy mango dipping sauce

Lobster & Grilled Corn Cakes
with cilantro lime aioli

Maple Bacon Wrapped Scallops
with balsamic mustard

Asparagus & Lobster Rolls
wrapped in rice paper with a miso splash glaze

Crab Cakes
with lime & tomato salsa

Salmon Cakes
with citrus vodka dressing

Thai Honey Glazed Shrimp & Pineapple Skewer

Fried Shrimp Won Ton
with spicy kiwi sauce

Sesame Seared Tuna
with pickled ginger & wasabi dip

Cajun Scallop
on corn tortilla with avocado corn relish

Island Shrimp & Pineapple Skewer
with rum butter

Coconut Shrimp
with tequila caramelized pineapple

Lobster & Basil Spring Rolls
with lemon aioli

Scallop Cakes
with spicy tomato dip

Crispy Asian Taco
with shredded chicken, beef or shrimp with chili sauce

Asian Tuna Salad
in a won ton cup

Pan Seared Salmon
with fresh spinach in a crispy wonton cup

Poppy Seed Blini
topped with smoked salmon bud with lemon herb creme

Rock Shrimp on Lemongrass Skewers
with spicy peanut sauce

Artichoke Bottoms
with bay shrimp salad & lemon dill sauce

Grilled Fruit Skewers
with warm vanilla bean sauce

Endive Petal with Choice of Filling
curried chicken & almond salad
smoked salmon mousse with dill
lemon mousse & caviar
creamy gorgonzola cheese with spiced walnut & a touch of lavender leaves
duck & apricot salad

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Choice of Filling
smoked swiss & ham
cranberry & brie
3 cheese -mozzarella & basil

Spoons (ceramic, silver or edible)
rosemary with tenderloin & blue
spiced indian crabmeat salad
smoked salmon & wasabi mousse with chive
chicken & portobello marsala
seared scallop with sweet chili relish
lemongrass marinated shrimp with chive aioli
asian seviche with ginger & scallion

Nuevo Latino (platters available)
moroccan lamb quesadilla with tomato chutney
smoked shrimp, mango and jack quesadilla
grilled seafood seviche in a corn cup with avocado
mousse shrimp & crabmeat quesadilla with goat cheese & avocado
lobster & mushroom quesadilla with red pepper aioli
house made plantain rounds with latin pulled pork & tropical salsa

Tortilla Cones or Cups with Choice of Filling
poblano chicken & guacamole
tequila lime shrimp & pineapple salsa
lime scented crab & cilantro tomato
seviche -fish, scallops, shrimp & sweet peppers
lobster & avocado salad
spicy chipolte shrimp & avocado
poblano smoked chicken & sour cream

Empanadas with Choice of Filling
lobster chorizo & asadero roasted vegetable with roasted red pepper sauce mushroom & leek with creamy cilantro sauce poblano chicken with mango dipping sauce beef & black bean empanadas with chipolte dipping sauce

Guacamole Action Station (made on site)*
choice of 3 toppings may include the following:
rock shrimp, mango salsa, sautee of wild mushrooms,
seafood seviche, grilled pineapple relish and poblano chicken

*served in a homemade large tortilla cone with spoon and fresh cilantro creme
chef attendance is required for an additional Cost $6 PP
minimum 40 guests all equipment, trays and decor included

Prices range from $15.00 to $45 per dozen

3 doz minimum per item order

cocktail receptions typically last for two to four hours



Please call for pricing on the above selection or ask for more menus from our kitchen.  We are happy to custom tailor a menu to suit your needs & event.

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